Video Production Service - Step 1

Create a Professional Whiteboard Video Advertisement in Minutes
- $68 USD

Press the button to edit this video template and make a video
This whiteboard video template lets you create a professional video advertisement for promoting your business, product, or services. It is mostly text-based, allowing a script with over 40 text lines, and it has 4 places for inserting your own video footage, pictures, and logo image.

How to create a professional whiteboard video ad?

All you have to do is press the button to start the video creation process, using our template editing and rendering tool. We made the whole process very fast and easy because you need to replace the content of a ready-made design.

As with all our whiteboard video templates, you can choose among several clipart images on the various slides, so there is a bigger chance that you will be able to accommodate this template for advertising your business.

Start now and get your whiteboard video advertisement in minutes after completing the customization with our online video editor. Our online video production software is super easy to use. Anyone can, for a low cost, create a professional commercial ad video for promoting their company.

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