Video Production Service - Step 1

Create a Beautiful Wedding Video. Try our Photo Book Slideshow Maker
- $55 USD

Press the button to edit this template and make a transforming 3D cubes video.
With this video template, you can create a beautiful wedding video with an animated 3d pop-up book. It's normal for a wedding photographer or videographer to shoot hundreds of photos and many minutes of video. That's why this template accommodates 57 wedding photos and video clips, for a total video duration of over 2 minutes.

You can also insert the bride and groom name and change the skin color of the clipart that represents them. By the way, the song used in the video is "I Want It That Way".

How to create a beautiful wedding slideshow video? Use our online template video editor and wedding slideshow maker to produce a video with your own photos and video clips. As you can see from the sample video above, it looks amazing and has professional quality. With our online wedding video creator and template editing tool, you can create a similar wedding video with ease.

You may think that a high-quality video like that costs a lot of money to produce? Well, if a traditional wedding videographer was to do it for you, wedding video prices start at hundreds of dollars. You know these people are very expensive right? With us, a wedding video cost only a fraction of that.

Wedding agencies and photographers can also take great advantage of using our online video production service. They will save countless hours that otherwise would be spent inside complicated video editing applications. And because of our low prices, they can make decent profits reselling the videos produced. We do not charge a fee for re-selling our videos. So, if you are a reseller, contact us so we can update your account to remove our name from the watermark on the free videos.

The first step to creating your video is to open our video editor and customize the template by inserting your photos and video clips. That process will take a while because there's room for so many photos. But if you think 57 photos are too many, don't worry, you don't have to customize the template completely to produce a video. Then later, just use a video editing software to cut the video.

We also provide other types of wedding videos, such as invitations and save the date videos. Take a look below and try them as well, it doesn't cost anything to create low-resolution videos:

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