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This video template allows you to make cool neon logo animations for your brand, with a duration of up to 10 seconds. The animation of logos has never been easier than it is with our logo reveal intro maker. This template allows you to make attractive logos with amazing neon lights.

Try out our animation creator, and I assure you that you will not regret it since your logo animation will be worth every penny you spend on it.


Cool neon logo intros


Making of logo intro videos is making a static logo appear to be in motion. When I talk about motion, I am not referring to the logo moving as a whole. It is simply the movement of the various parts that make up the logo. That is now what is referred to as logo animation.


For the sake of neon logo intros, it is giving the logos a more refined touch by using neon lights. All this is done to ensure that the symbols are more attractive and that the brands to whom they belong remain outstanding.


If you are looking for a template that will create an animation for your logo while achieving both an attractive look and meeting your marketing needs, this is the best template for you. 


How to make neon logo intros


Step 1: Insert your content in the form of text, pictures, or any other document that you prefer inside the displayed video parts. When using text, ensure that the text is short but direct to the point for it to have a significant impact on the target audience.

Preview all the details in the image preview to be sure of their correctness before proceeding to the next step.


Step 2: Select a music track for the animation. We provide a great collection of quality stock music that will captivate your target audience. We also offer an option for you to upload an mp3 file of your choice.

Another exciting feature with our online animation maker is that you can change the music even after the animation has been produced.


Step 3: Produce a free preview animation and then the final HD animation. The quality of the preview is usually low but good enough for you to check for errors that the video may have. Once you are confident that the preview animation is correct, go ahead and produce the final HD animation.


Why you need a logo reveal with neon lights


To grab the attention of prospective customers. Animated logos with neon lights, with their changing features, entice people’s interest with more intensity than the static ones. 


To help your brand stand out. There are very many brands in your line of operation, and all of them probably have logos. Animating your logo makes you outstanding, and this could be the key to making your brand dominate the market.


To market your brand in a better and more efficient way. Since logos are the first things that customers get to see about your brand, you can grab all their attention and even focus by using an attractively animated logo for your brand.

When you add a touch of neon lights, you stand a better chance at increasing the popularity of your brand and hence an increase in the sales that your brand makes.


Why choose our logo video animator for your brand


We align our logo reveal in a direction that favors the achievement of your business goals. You are therefore sure to achieve your business goals and objectives, especially when it comes to marketing.


Our animation making process is easy to understand and requires less time to set it all up. You will therefore achieve more and within a short time.


It is free to make low-resolution animations with watermarks on our free logo reveal after effects. The watermarks are removed after payment, and the animation produced in Full HD.


Our 3D logo animation allows you to add the music, photo, or text of your choice when making a professional animation logo for your business. This makes us outstanding since we give you room to explore everything you need to ensure that you produce your desired logo animation.


We give you an option either to download the Full HD logo animation or to post it directly to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.


We have flexible and affordable payment plans to suit your needs. You can decide to pay per animation or subscribe to our monthly plan and have unlimited access to Full HD logo animations from our logo reveal after effect template.


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