Video Production Service - Step 1

Make a Text Video Presentation With Liquid Ink Effects
- $59 USD

Press the button to edit this template and make a transforming 3D cubes video.
This is a 40 seconds text-only video presentation with liquid ink effects. You can insert up to 22 text lines and a logo design at the end. It can even be used to create a movie trailer or title.

How to create a text video with ink effects? With this template, you can do it very easily. Press to the button to customize the template with our online video editor and create a video based on it.

Our template graphics editing interface will let you go through all the changeable elements of the template, so you can write your text and upload your logo at the end.

With a focus on simplicity, we made a minimalistic video editing tool, that only allows you to change what already exists in the template. Meaning, you cannot create a video from scratch and add or cut slides. But you can download the rendered video and use another video editing software to cut the video.

Let me remind you that it is free to create a low-quality video with watermark, so just go ahead and try. You can even download the video afterward but cannot use it commercially. For that purpose, you have to purchase the high-resolution version without watermark.

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